Mission Attendance

Mission Description

The humans will have two safe zones on one end of Eckhart Quad. At the beginning of the mission, they will have to decide who stays in the safe zones and who remains unsafe. During the mission, the humans who are in the safe zones cannot leave, and those who are outside them cannot enter. On the other end of Eckhart Quad, there are XXX checkpoints. The humans can capture these, in order, by holding them for 60 seconds. If the humans capture all 3 checkpoints before the end of 11 minutes, they win the mission. In addition, if they still have living humans outside the safe zones before the end of that time, they will win even if they did not capture all checkpoints. If, at the end of that time, you have prevented the humans from taking these checkpoints and tagged all the humans who remain outside the safe zones, you win the mission. Your respawn timer will be 120 seconds. Also, the humans know how many of you there are. Mission Rewards: Upon Human Victory: HOUR LONG CAMPUS WIDE safe zone to go eat dinner or get home Upon Zombie Victory: 5 Minute safe zone and zombie respawn timer will be reduced by one minute (to 3 minutes) for the rest of the game. If you win, you will be rewarded with a 1-minute reduction in your respawn time for the rest of the game, and there will be a 5 minute campus-wide safe zone after the mission. If the humans win, they will be rewarded with a 1-hour campus-wide safe zone to eat dinner and get home.

Monday Zombie Mission Points Received
Addison Jeske [How much will it cost] 2.0
Aliyah Bixby-Driesen [Biscuit Conditionals] 2.0
Alexandra Conrado 2.0
aidan sadowski [BRECK'S NOT DEAD] 2.0
Christopher Eidsmoe [Mary Kate and Ashley's Pizza Party | Sponsored by Cholie's Pizza] 2.0
Douglas Dow 2.0
Dylan Harris [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Emi Lemberg [Maylitia] 2.0
Elizabeth Franson 2.0
Gabriel Day 2.0
Nicholas Howlett [R U a Doberman?] 2.0
Isaiah Newman [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Jamie Keener [Maylitia] 2.0
Junyoung Jeong 2.0
Khephren Chambers 2.0
Kayla Keener [Jannotta] 2.0
Kevin He [R U a Doberman?] 2.0
Marina Ermolaeva 2.0
Nicho Alvarado [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Geoffrey Ramseyer [Mary Kate and Ashley's Pizza Party | Sponsored by Cholie's Pizza] 2.0
Sydney Purdue [BRECK'S NOT DEAD] 2.0
Thomas Noriega 2.0
Human Monday Mission Points Received
Cy Abbott [Norman Maclean Memorial Assault Squadron] 1.0
William Adkisson [BRECK'S NOT DEAD] 1.0
Christopher Choy 1.0
Conor Marco [BRECK'S NOT DEAD] 1.0
Hadi Iskandarani [Norman Maclean Memorial Assault Squadron] 1.0
Kate Mooney [Biscuit Conditionals] 1.0
Kevin Yan [Which House?] 1.0
Patrick O'Connor 1.0
William Brown 1.0