Mission Attendance

Mission Description

The humans have arranged a triangle of turrets and safe zones on the main quad. Each safe zone is very small and cannot fit more than 10 humans in it. Each safe zone is sufficiently far apart that people sitting in one safe zone will not be able to defend other safe zones without leaving their own safe zones. Each turret is played by a moderator and will defend their safe zone. Tagging the turret increases its tag count by one and makes it invulnerable for 180 seconds. An invulnerable turret will display a green glowstick while they are still invulnerable. If a turret is tagged twice, the safe zone clockwise of it will be disabled. Therefore, the humans will have to leave their safe zones to defend the safe zones under attack. TURRETS DO NOT BECOME DISABLED FOR THE EXTENT OF THE MISSION. Zombies win the mission if they are able to disable all of the safe zones before the mission timer reaches XXX minutes. Humans win the mission if they are able to keep at least one safe zone up during the mission. Zombie respawn timer will be 3 minutes for the duration of the mission. If humans win the mission, there will be a 15 minute safe zone following the mission. If zombies win the mission, humans will be escorted safely back to Harper, but there will be no safe zone following that. If zombies win the mission, their global respawn timer will be reduced from 5 minutes to 4 minutes.

Friday Human Attendance Points Received
Cy Abbott [Norman Maclean Memorial Assault Squadron] 1.0
Arielle Gerber 1.0
Brian Tsuru 1.0
Elliot Kahn [Crown House Blood House] 1.0
Gabriel Day 1.0
Gabrielle Dulys [Secretly Not Aramark] 1.0
Erin Glynn [Secretly Not Aramark] 1.0
Gabriella Mulder 1.0
Joseph Beutel [Maylitia] 1.0
Jesse Martinez 1.0
Kate Mooney [Biscuit Conditionals] 1.0
Michelle Jiang 1.0
Michael Lynch [P-Haus!] 1.0
Peter Huang 1.0
Ross Han [Crown House Blood House] 1.0
Friday mission zombie attend+win Points Received
Addison Jeske [How much will it cost] 2.0
Abhijit Ramaprasad 2.0
Christopher Eidsmoe [Mary Kate and Ashley's Pizza Party | Sponsored by Cholie's Pizza] 2.0
Carolina Montes [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Daniel Cotter 2.0
Dylan Harris [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Ethan Mertz 2.0
Elizabeth Franson 2.0
Isaiah Newman [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Jamie Keener [Maylitia] 2.0
James Korzenik 2.0
Joshua Cruz [Maylitia] 2.0
Kara Fischer [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Khephren Chambers 2.0
Kevin He [R U a Doberman?] 2.0
Marina Ermolaeva 2.0
Nicho Alvarado [Secretly Not Aramark] 2.0
Noah Levine [P-Haus!] 2.0
Benjamin Oye 2.0
Kyle Pinder 2.0
Geoffrey Ramseyer [Mary Kate and Ashley's Pizza Party | Sponsored by Cholie's Pizza] 2.0
John Schlaak 2.0
Spencer Miner 2.0
Trevor Moore 2.0