Stella Biderman
Noel Martin Rubio
Time of Death
Oct. 8, 2014 8:46 PM

Kill Notes

We caught two meat sacks walking by midway mart today. I was traveling in a hoard of 7: the great soldier Noah Baskes; the ambush planned Terry Ming; and four newborns, recently turned, but also young in mortal age; and finally myself of course, a neophyte zed less than a day after being turned but yet with 4 recruitments already. That number would soon become inflated. The two meatsacks took off past south and the Law Library. I sent Noah and Terry to chase after them while I and the newborns ran down 60th street to cut them off. I would later learn that soon after we turned the corner, 11 militiamen burst out of South like Big Damn Heroes and tore my hoard-mates to pieces. In the precious minutes it took Terry and Noah to pull themselves together again, the meat had vanished. Luckily, our arm of the trap was still ready to spring and the prey had been lulled into a false sense of security. We set up in the shadows, knowing that they had only one way to come. Slowly, we heard the pitter-patter of their feet and sprung. Their shrieks of horror were a sight to behold. I gleefully sunk my teeth into one, bathing myself in his blood and savoring this brains. The Hunger is something I have not quite gotten used to. Maybe the Great Mother Daphne's research can help us out there, but for now I am a victim of my urges. I flung myself into my meal with wild abandon as the world turned red. When I had finished, I realized that there wasn't a second body, my newborn thrills must have been distracted by my rage and let the other one slip by. I howled in rage before helping my new friend to his unsteady feet. One down, one escaped. That'll do, for now.

Victim's Last Words

The horror, the horror!

Kill Location