Reem Elorbany [Carrot Flowers]
Daniel Hughes
Time of Death
March 4, 2014 3:42 PM

Kill Notes

There were 8-10 zombies on the main quad filming Nicky Dover's HvZ movie when Dan ran out onto the quad from the west side. A bunch of zombies ran straight after him, but some of us fanned out in case he switched directions. The zombies that ran after him all got shot, and then he started running north. I followed him along with the remaining active zombies. He shot a few, and then had a stand off with me, with only two darts left. Then, Theresa Yuan ran out to his other side, so he turned around to shoot her. While he was distracted with her, I charged at him and tagged him. He had exactly one dart left. See: Nicky's video of the kill.

Kill Location