Aaron Bao
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Time of Death
Feb. 28, 2014 8:07 PM

Kill Notes

Feminine Chrysemes went down in a blaze of glory, chased after by no less than a dozen zombies thirsting for his flesh, as he fired round after round from his Rampage to pick them off. Guns blazing, he sprinted towards the door. But it was too late. A rotted, brain-thirsty inferi's claws raked into his turned back as he fired off another round into the mob behind him. Alas, if only he survived to live on another day. But such is life. It is inevitable that we shall all succumb to the zombies someday, but, as always, it's better to go out, with guns blazing, like this brave soul did. May we all follow his example. Amen. Helix Bless us all.

Kill Location