Christopher Eidsmoe [SquadName'); DROP TABLE Squads;--]
Mark Hassenfratz
Time of Death
Feb. 27, 2014 3:31 PM

Kill Notes

I was coming out of yet another dull day of Hum when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a human. Feeling bored and a bit hungry for brains, I decided to see where he was going. I followed, door after door passing by as he continued to be blissfully unaware of the zed stalking him. After passing through the entirety of Harper Complex, he had reached the east exit of the Social Sciences building. He took a quick look at his surroundings and I ducked behind a pillar to avoid his suspicion. From here, he stepped outside the door and looked to his left and then his right. Little did he know his neglect for his flank would be his undoing. I grabbed him from behind and sank my teeth into the back of his head, the warm and viscous fluids flowing into my mouth like whipped cream pours like waterfalls. I let out a primal yell, emboldened by my conquest and helped our new brother in Zypes to his feet.

Kill Location