William Schrader
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Time of Death
Feb. 26, 2014 5:28 PM

Kill Notes

It was 5:00 pm when my zombroe, Leonard, hit me up for some sunset snackin'. Pizza hadn't felt the same for the past couple hours, but the salty delicacy of tĂȘte d'homme was beginning to be all I could think about with what little mind I had left. So, I ran to Hutch thinking there would be something waiting for me. Instead, Leonard and his crew thought we should kill some kids heading to lab up in Kersten. Though killing was new to me, I liked the thought of forcing some human to work an oscilloscope while his soul slowly slipped away from him. Some fool came by his lonesome self, and after a quick chase I took a bullet to the chest but one of my undead brethren make it to the guys brain. While walking back, I spotted a man I once knew as Macho Man Nicky Savage... walking like he owned the place. Out of a horde of 7, around 4 of us were still dead from the previous kill but the time was slowly running out for us to be able to kill again. During this time, Nicky took the rest of our squad out too with a single strongarm. After he reloaded, respawn was up, and it was go time. Killing zombies became an addiction to him, and that was his mistake. He waited for the rest of our crew's times to run out so he could have another quick go, and shot most of the zombie squad, but didn't see me running from behind and sinking my virgin teeth into the back of his skull. BASICALLY HE DIED IN A BLAZE OF GLORY OKAY!

Kill Location