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Important Dates

Registration starts
Feb. 16, 2016 12:00 AM
Game starts
Feb. 23, 2016 8:00 PM
Game ends
March 1, 2016 7:00 PM

Game Status



Total players
38 (20%)
154 (80%)

Average Kills per Hour


Survival by Dorm

Dorm Humans Alive
Max Palevsky 16/35 (45.7%)
South Campus 3/12 (25%)
Off campus 15/61 (24.6%)
Burton-Judson Courts 2/10 (20%)
Broadview 2/11 (18.2%)
Breckinridge 0/13 (0%)
International House 0/5 (0%)
Maclean 0/15 (0%)
New Graduate Residence Hall 0/6 (0%)
Snell-Hitchcock 0/14 (0%)
Stony Island 0/10 (0%)

Human Survival

Most Courageous Dorms

Where courageousness = (total human points earned by dorm / # players in dorm) * 100

Dorm Courageousness
Burton-Judson Courts 245
Maclean 243.3
Off campus 203.7
Breckinridge 161.5
Broadview 129.5
Stony Island 87.5
South Campus 79.2
Max Palevsky 40
Snell-Hitchcock 35.7
International House 20
New Graduate Residence Hall 16.7
Blackstone 0
North Campus 0

Humans by Major

Kills by Location geotagged kills only

Most Infectious Dorms

Where infectivity = (total zombie points earned by dorm / # players in dorm) * 100

Dorm Infectivity
Snell-Hitchcock 557.1
Breckinridge 500
South Campus 433.3
New Graduate Residence Hall 383.3
Stony Island 330
Off campus 247.5
International House 160
Burton-Judson Courts 140
Maclean 120
Broadview 81.8
Max Palevsky 60
Blackstone 0
North Campus 0

Kills by Time of Day

Zombies by Major


Name # Alive # Players
Terry, we need more people! (killed in action) 0 of 12 12
doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doo 1 of 4 4
Peaked in High School 12 of 18 18
232-69-5039 (killed in action) 0 of 2 2
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (killed in action) 0 of 1 1
John X Ali 2 of 2 2
Big Damn Heroes 1 of 9 9
The Wrong Numbas 2 of 6 6
The Covert Movement (killed in action) 0 of 2 2
Team Astro (killed in action) 0 of 1 1
Maylitia (killed in action) 0 of 4 4
The Good, The Dead, and The Breckie (killed in action) 0 of 11 11
Secretly Not a Suicide Squad (killed in action) 0 of 9 9
The Arley D. Cathey Commemorative Squadron (killed in action) 0 of 2 2
The PP (killed in action) 0 of 2 2
No Running (killed in action) 0 of 3 3
MacDunzo (killed in action) 0 of 10 10
lonewolf (killed in action) 0 of 1 1
Secretly Not a Splinter Squad (killed in action) 0 of 1 1
Super Zom Bros (killed in action) 0 of 2 2

This quarter is all about the Old Wild West, with gunslingers and bandits and saloons. Want to start getting a feel for it? Just head over to and poke around.

Afterwards, join the Citizens of Dead Man’s Bluff Facebook group to stay on top of community happenings and bandit sightings. Here's the link:

New Developments:

Tuesday, February 23:
Howdy, folks. I’ve got sad news: that ol’ rascal Skeleton Jack that Sheriff Jenkins captured last week has escaped and killed her in the process. I can’t for the life of me figure out how, but as long as we can capture ‘im, that don’t hardly matter. These are desperate times, and so our town council has authorized anyone willing to become a temporary gunslinger and enforcer of the law. There’s a bounty on Jack’s head, and blood on his hands. I’d like nothing more than for all y’all to join me in bringin’ him down once and for all. Watch out, though. I heard tell that Jack’s own band of outlaws is goin’ to try and take down this operation from the inside. Be careful where you put your trust, and I’ll see all y’all gunslingers at Hutch Commons in Reynolds Depot at 8pm the 24th.

Wednesday, February 24:
Morning, folks. We’ve had some sad news in the night. Ol’ Skeleton Jack and his orange clad goons have been spotted ‘round town, and they ain’t been quiet. Some good folk have fallen, and others have chosen to join his crew. Some strange bits of bandannas have been found all around town, and as best as we can figure, that’s how the bandits are communicating. Rustle up as much info as y’can to take down these bandits.

Thursday, February 25:
Mornin’, folks. All day yesterday, we had a right powerful number of people showin’ up to try and decode what the secret messages Skeleton Jack’s gang was passin’round. We’ve been scratin’ our noggins ‘bout it all night, and we figured out that the gang’s up to something. There’s a town hall meeting tonight at 5:30 in Harper Inn while Jack an’his gang o’orange devils are meetin’ over in the Kent Chemical Depot at 5:20. We’ll talk about it there in private. See y’all tonight!

Friday, February 26:
Last night, Skeleton Jack and his bandits tried to take control of Dead Man’s Bluff by settin’ up a solid wagon wall ‘round Classics Square right outside of the Sheriff’s office. The hired militia of driftin’ gunslingers rounded up a couple o’amunitions experts to try and blow the wall t’smithereens

But shoot, they did it! Jack lost control o’ the square and scampered off like a coward! Take that, Jack!

Saturday, February 27:

Last night, the militia were able to reach out to some o’Skeleton Jack’s posse, and get them to turn on their gang leader! Then the militia had to rendezvous with the turncoats to get the information, but Skeleton Jack an’his gang were onto them.

The militia were able to get all the info together before Jack an’his gang could stop ‘em. All of ‘em managed to escape with info intact and ran off into the wild nightime.

Sunday, February 28:
Skeleton Jack spent the whole day yesterday running amok and turning some of our good town-folk over to his side. Eventually, some of the town got fed up with his shenanigans and decided to take action. A right large amount of folks challenged Skeleton Jack an'his gang of orange devils to good ol'fashioned standoff. Jack managed to get away and there were quite a few injuries, but it was enough to ensure a quiet night.

Monday, February 29:
It seems it was a day of rest for everyone, and boy was it welcome. Perhaps Jack has some reverance after all for those who choose to take today off. Or maybe, Jack's just gathering steam for something even bigger...

Tuesday, March 1:
Yesterday, the militia managed to find Deputy Pete and wrangle the proof out of him that Skeleton Jack was responsible for the death of Sheriff Jenkins. They tried to use him as bait to draw out Jack and his gang, and goshdarnit, it worked!

Jack and his hooligans proved too much for the militia, and soon they had overwhelmed all the town's forces and taken Deputy Pete down. R.I.P. Deputy Pete.

Well now, it seems like there ain't no saving our fair town of Dead Man's Bluff. We tried our hardest, and some of are are probably gonna be stalwarts and refuse to leave, but it's all over now. Best we can do is try and make the next Union Pacific outta here and start a new life, somewhere else...

Weeklong Missions Humans Win

To be done every day for points and glory More info

Global Kill Tree