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Important Dates

Registration starts
Sept. 25, 2015 12:00 AM
Game starts
Oct. 6, 2015 8:00 PM
Game ends
Oct. 13, 2015 7:00 PM

Game Status



Total players
6 (2%)
300 (98%)

Average Kills per Hour


Survival by Dorm

Dorm Humans Alive
Broadview 2/20 (10%)
Max Palevsky 3/43 (7.0%)
South Campus 1/45 (2.2%)
Blackstone 0/2 (0%)
Breckinridge 0/26 (0%)
Burton-Judson Courts 0/24 (0%)
International House 0/13 (0%)
Maclean 0/16 (0%)
New Graduate Residence Hall 0/13 (0%)
Off campus 0/65 (0%)
Snell-Hitchcock 0/24 (0%)
Stony Island 0/15 (0%)

Human Survival

Most Courageous Dorms

Where courageousness = (total human points earned by dorm / # players in dorm) * 100

Dorm Courageousness
Maclean 165.6
Broadview 151.3
Breckinridge 117.3
Off campus 102.7
Burton-Judson Courts 92.7
International House 88.5
Stony Island 76.7
South Campus 65.6
Snell-Hitchcock 45.8
Max Palevsky 39.0
New Graduate Residence Hall 34.6
Blackstone 12.5
North Campus 0

Humans by Major

Kills by Location geotagged kills only

Most Infectious Dorms

Where infectivity = (total zombie points earned by dorm / # players in dorm) * 100

Dorm Infectivity
Breckinridge 465.4
Off campus 436.9
New Graduate Residence Hall 276.9
Maclean 250
South Campus 228.9
Broadview 210
International House 200
Burton-Judson Courts 183.3
Snell-Hitchcock 175
Stony Island 106.7
Max Palevsky 93.0
Blackstone 0
North Campus 0

Kills by Time of Day

Zombies by Major


Name # Alive # Players
JOHN CENA PRESENTS: OUR TIME IS NOW (killed in action) 0 of 14 14
The Ent is Nigh (killed in action) 0 of 13 13
20xx (killed in action) 0 of 3 3
The Squad (killed in action) 0 of 11 11
BIG DAMN HEROES (killed in action) 0 of 9 9
The Arley D. Cathey Commemorative Squadron 2 of 5 5
Illocutionary Force (killed in action) 0 of 2 2
Secretly Not a Squad (killed in action) 0 of 17 17
HADI (killed in action) 0 of 12 12
The Ultimate Squad (killed in action) 0 of 1 1
Peaked in High School (killed in action) 0 of 3 3
Typical Phootball Douchebags (killed in action) 0 of 3 3
Fucking Scott (killed in action) 0 of 8 8
Dead-Mead (killed in action) 0 of 5 5
Maylitia (killed in action) 0 of 8 8
It's In The Past ~ Vincent (killed in action) 0 of 3 3
HAD| (killed in action) 0 of 1 1
Illuminachos (killed in action) 0 of 2 2
Edgeworth Evil 1 of 3 3
ILLUMINATI (killed in action) 0 of 8 8


Jonesie was a fool to think coming here would be worth it. We have wasted far, far too much time exploring these blasted ruins. This expedition has brought us nothing but pain and paranoia, no matter how much fame I’ve accomplished. The time is coming for us to make our final strike on these tiresome dead,
Dear adventurers,

Last night, I saw the most disturbing thing I've ever seen, and I studied the relics of the Jonestown cult. I'm not even sure how to process it at this point. I do know that I'm lucky to be alive considering the circumstances.

Last night, Angela Indigo Jones, our dear, sweet, incompetent, stupid, reckless Jonesie, tried to kill me and nearly succeeded. She was leading troops in battle, changing tactics on the fly, maneuvering not with the abandon and naïveté expected of a green civilian, but with the centuries of battle experience her demon has. Her mistake last week has caused our forces to be whittled down to under a third of what they once were. To be fair, perhaps I wasn't cautious enough earlier. I didn't know until tonight just how powerful she'd become. When I was in that moment near death when she grabbed me and tried to sink her teeth into my skull, all I could think of was that if we come out of this, I will
Dear Adventurers,
I had such high hopes for you after your success Wednesday. I'm appalled that a number of you turned and ran last night! Indy, now that we have confirmed its her, must be stopped at whatever cost. After all, she's getting closer to finding me, and I simply cannot allow that to happen for the good of science!
We will have another opportunity today, dear adventures, to show her we mean business. We cannot accept the failures from yesterday again, because I do not accept failure. Do not abuse my trust in you again.
Dr. Charlotte Barrow, PhD
Dear adventurers,
I hope you're living up for that title today. Forty percent of our expedition are now missing and some are actively antagonizing us. I am not sure if they are dangerous. They seem to fear the Blasters I convinced the powers that be to to purchase. Oddly enough, they also seem to fear socks. I have observed them creating tryskola symbols with chalk. It is possible that such people-that is, those who refer to themselves as possessed by a demon- are responsible for the pre-expedition tryskolae seen in aerial photographs, and that it's only when we brought in over 300 adventurers and one curious-to-a-fault co-leader of the expedition that the population following this demon figure exploded. More investigation on the cause of this is necessary.
I have determined a site I need to visit in order to gather relevant information on the worship practices people pursued on the Lost Campus. If we can figure out why people 125 years ago claimed to be possessed, then we might be able to deal with those in our current world. For safety reasons, I'm going to reveal the location I'm trying to get to later, when I can see all of you in person and be sure you aren't marked with demon possession. Meet me in Harper at 6:30 to go over the particulars. If we succeed tonight, I'm certain this will go down in history as the expedition of the century. Don't you want your face to appear beside mine on the cover of National Geographic?
Dr. Charlotte Barrow, PhD.

Dear zombies of the tryskola,
Why am I surprised that even in my advanced state, better and faster and stronger than I ever was before, Dr. Barrow continues to underestimate me? She's not convinced that I'm dangerous? Let's show her, not just tell her, how terrifying we are. We aren't scared of a little blaster, oh no. Because we have transcended death. We can regenerate ourselves in just a few minutes even after a hit with ammo strong enough to stop those measly humans in their tracks. Thanks to our demon, we can do anything. I've got a plan in mind. Meet at 6:40 in Kent. We might be able to do the humans in once and for all. It's the least we can do for our demon. He gives us power, we feed him brains. Simple, yeah, but it's fun being terrifying.
Dear adventurers,
Thank you all for the excellent turnout at last night’s departure for the expedition. With this many adventurers working diligently to discover the secrets of the Lost Campus, we are sure to make archaeological history. After our departure, I received a transmission from Indy that was, well, rather disturbing. You can view it here. She referred to herself as a demon and threatened to kill and eat the members of our expedition. In light of the tryskola and its vaguely… cultish overtones, possession by a demon related to the Lost Campus seems not out of the realm of possibility. I am still convinced that Indy herself is incompetent and not in fact dangerous, but due to last night’s casualties, I am now giving the order to shoot anyone marked with the tryskola on sight.
Additionally, at last Sunday’s pre-departure mission, we discovered Indy’s journal, with several pages invisible except under a certain type of light. I have obtained the requisite light, and should you adventurers prove yourselves worthy of this knowledge by redeeming codes from today’s flag mission, these pages will be unlocked.
For further updates, including today’s unlockable journal entries, subscribe to [email protected] via your account on, and like the Bridgette Rainier Archaeological Institute for Neoamerican Studies page on Facebook.
Dr. Charlotte Barrow, PhD.

Wednesday Mission Humans Win

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